Our Story

Established in 2000, Royal Herbs has been offering organic, botanical based products developed with a holistic philosophy incorporating herbal medicine with herbal product making.  We are inspired by the healing power of herbs and the sustainability of locally grown and crafted natural, organic products.  Royal Herbs is committed to a ‘Ground to Jar’ philosophy and is led by a Certified Herbalist who has hands-on involvement at every stage of product making.  Our Certified Herbalist undertook a four-year herbalist program at Douglas College in beautiful British Columbia, focusing his studies on indigenous plants of the Pacific North West.  During his herbalist program, he studied a vast array of practices including: herbal product making, botany, understanding nutritional supplements, plant identification, wild crafting and organic growing techniques. All Royal Herbs products are free of parabens, laurel sulfate, petroleum and animal by-products.


Our Craft

We craft our products the true artisan way – grown, formulated and handmade in small lots, without the aid of any commercial bases such as lotions, “melt and pour” soap or bubble baths.  This means that the herbs fundamental to our products are either organically grown by ourselves, ethically wild harvested, or sourced by supporting other local organic growers.  We process the herbs into healing oils and extracts within 24 hours of harvesting to ensure the maximum medicinal constituents are preserved and incorporate them into all of the products we make.  All our products are environmentally friendly and all discarded plant material is composted.  The essential oils used are steam distilled and not solvent extracted, ensuring that our processes are not introducing any toxins into  our local water sources.